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Outsourcing is a transactional arrangement between your business and the professional you hire to take care of a specific project or job. Hiring a remote staff member means that you are integrating the employee into your business infrastructure, alongside your other employees.

The obvious reason outsourcing with GlobalDesk saves you money is because you don’t have to provide office space for the employee. Here are some less obvious reasons:
● We outsource your work to freelancers based in Israel who are as qualified as their US-based counterparts but often charge Israeli rates, which are significantly cheaper.
● You are our client and we hire the employee to work for you. This way you don’t incur the unnecessary expenses and headaches of adding someone to your payroll, such as vetting candidates, onboarding and training, paid leave and vacations.
● You get the service on demand. This is important if you don’t have enough work to warrant a full-time professional, but still require the same specialist service.

1. You get in touch with us for a free consultation to discuss your business’s needs and understand how outsourcing will help it thrive. We’ll talk about the way you like things done and what kind of employee/team you’re looking for.
2. The mining process! We take the time to sift through resumes and portfolios until we find a few candidates we think you’ll love. They’ll be
highly qualified and fully capable – we’ll make sure of it!
3. You will get the chance to meet the candidate of your choice and determine their suitability. Don’t worry if you don’t hit it off – we have
plenty more options! And when you’re ready to go ahead, so are we!
4. We’ll map out the project or job and create a detailed plan with deadlines for each stage. You can decide how involved you want to be and leave the rest to us, enjoying smooth communication, supervised work and exciting results!

The growth and welfare of your business is our top priority which is why we have adopted important measures to secure your data.
● We maintain strict contractual agreements between all parties that
include confidentiality clauses.
● We are particular to select candidates that have been selectively vetted and have stellar reputations.
● Any online work that involves sensitive information can be carried out via remote desktop.

Unlike some of the larger, more corporate agencies, our thorough and careful management of each employee means you can rely on your work getting done and on time! We maintain constant communication with our employees, using the latest technology to oversee their progress and ensure high quality work. We also ensure there is a detailed plan, complete with deadlines, before commencing the project.

Having employees work on the Israeli clock can actually be a big plus for your business. It means you can expect a head-start on assignments by the time your office hours begin. If you’re outsourcing admin work like customer services or virtual assistance, the time difference gives you the advantage of accessibility; your clients can reach you around the clock! Furthermore, many of our workers can maintain a flexible schedule and we make sure you can always rely on easy communication between your team.

We understand that your reputation means the world to you which is why we employ capable and dedicated individuals to carry out your work, many of whom boast impressive qualifications. Our thorough vetting process means the individual must meet our high standards before we employ them. More importantly, you will always have the chance to meet the employee and assess their suitability to your business.

When you choose us, you choose peace of mind. You can give us the
specifications of the job and then sweep in to collect the finished product or you can meet the candidate and communicate with them directly throughout the duration of the project. The bottom line is – you’re as involved as you want to be!

As a uniquely boutique agency, we are committed to working around your needs. Our flexibility means we can offer 1-3 month contracts if you’re not comfortable with long term commitments. If you work with specific timeframes or want to contract employees on a project-based demand, we can cater to your requirements.